Spring Cleaning

Found inspiraton in Bruce Wray's Going solo with Eleventy for minimizing the setup and getting a better feeling for how what's needed in package.json.
Removed Webpack and PurgeCSS (that's built-in in TailwindCSS now).


Figured it needed a favicon also, used the excellent text to icon generator at favicon.io


Since this is a blank canvas I will explore how to make it performant and accessible. With this site being hosted on Netlify and using the "JAMstack" the performance part should be relatively easy.
For accessibility some adjustments need to be made: Contrast, keyboard navigation, aria elements and attributes.


Finally setup a domain for myself to put words on.
Built with Eleventy, Tailwind CSS, PostCSS, PurgeCSS, Webpack - live on Netlify.

Thank you Chris Collins for the Eleventy JAMStack Web Starter.